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Importance of Studying History and Philosophy of Science.

History of science and philosophy are both intrinsically and the vocationally valuable.

They are inter-related to the background of the social sciences. Here are some of the reasons that will provide specific details about studying the agenda of both of the sciences:

1.Importance of science:

There is a deep conviction that the application of science is essential in dealing with the issues of the modern world. It is the liberal approach to teaching science in the contemporary era. The methodology to learn science is to enrich the culture and human lives which should be minimised. Some researchers believe that teaching science is treated as a technical subject which is devoid of all the cultural practices and philosophical dimensions of life.

2.Reproachment between science education and history and philosophy of science:

According to professional essay writing help, a paper called as the Science Education and Philosophy of Science focuses on account of the failed opportunities and shortlisted things that proved to be the source of the development of the science education which is separated from the arena of the history and philosophy of sciences. In the recent era, the evolution of the modern sciences has collaborated with the framework of the history and the philosophy of the sciences. The present reproachment deals with the renaissance period of the long period of the liberal or contextual and the traditional period of the science education where there were different scientists which were dealing with the practices of the modern sciences and historical era. They wereErnst Mach, Pierre Durham, Alfred North Whitehead, Percy Nunn, JamesConant, Joseph Schwab, Martin Wagenschein and Gerald Holton. All these people were the influential scientists were primary followers of the liberal practices of teaching sciences.

3.Connect the interdisciplinary subject of HPS with other disciplinary subjects:

One contribution of the history and philosophy of sciences is that it connects with various subjects dealing with other disciplines of the subjects which helps to connect the other science subjects of the mathematics, philosophy, literature, psychology, history, technology, commerce and theology. To find the display which is interconnected with the other fields of the science and culture that are the scope of arts, ethics, religion and politics in the broader way. Moreover, it has developed the conjoining elements with other disciplines which are the blend of the interdisciplinary subjects. It concludes to the fact that the notion of scientific subjects which are entirely relative to the subjects of the important topics in history, philosophy and literature.

4.The contributions of the history and philosophy of sciences to science education:

The combination of the history and philosophy of sciences (HPS) correlates to the fact that it proves the task of improving science teaching and learning.There are some of the facts which are as follows:

  • HPS can humanise the modern sciences concerning the personal, ethical, political and cultural practices of the society.
  • HPS can create logical and plausible exercises that help to establish an effective role in creating reasoning and developing the analytical skills about the rational approach of the modern sciences.
  • HPS can contribute to the fuller understanding of the scientific subject matter which helps to overcome the sea of meaningless entities as proclaimed by Joseph Novak where the formulas and equations are playing an important role in devising the scientific approach which has no scientific relation in real life.
  • HPS can improve the syllabus developer of the teachers which helps to develop a richer content of understanding the sciences and its placing in the intellectual and social things of life. The practical dynamics of the science highlights that teacher’s views about the nature of the sciences which helps to affect how they convey their message to the students.
  • HPS can assist the teachers in making them recognised the learning difficulties of the students as it deals with the historical issues about the scope of scientific development and the conceptual change. According to the historical aspect, Galileo is the one who proposed that the modern concepts of the acceleration and if facts are to be believed that he had never offered authentic research based on the theory of the tides. Through the application of the historical approach, teachers can view the various intellectual concepts which were in the early period of the scientific disciplines.
  • HPS can contribute to the assessment of many contemporary debates of the sciences that engages the science teachers and the curriculum planners that are making claims about the nature of human knowledge and its production and validation.


The relative importance of the history and philosophy of science in the contemporary world:

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