September 20, 2020

Mountain Driving: What Do You Need To Know?

Do you have problems with driving on the mountainous or hilly road? Many people have them! But the weather is warm and you should be ready for spontaneous getaways or vacation to the mountains of North California. If you don’t go to the North, you can find your own way to relieve from stress and go to go to Vegas. Of course, California offers marvelous views and excellent road conditions, but it can be really hard to relax when driving in high elevation area. Manual transmission car rental LAX can help if you don’t mind driving manual car. But what should you do if you prefer automatic transmissions?

Gallup New Mexico



Before you get in the car, consider these tips:

  1. Fill your car

Don’t forget to check if the car is full and watch your fuel attentively. Sometimes, people don’t realize that slowing the car down and speeding up takes more fuel than typical drive. Also, it is important to mark the petrol stations on your way and write down all emergency numbers and addresses in case your cellphone works bad in mountainous areas. So, fill in your car completely to avoid serious risk of being hit or stuck.

  1. Always think ahead

The weather is California and Carolina is mostly warm. But the weather is changeable and it can cause a road accidents. If you know that you are going through the rural or hilly area, inform your family or close friends about where you are in case the accident will happen or something will go wrong with your phone. The roadside assistance contacts are also needed.

  1. Take breaks

It is important to take breaks when traveling. By the way, mountainous driving can be really tiring. When driving through the rural area, you can make a stop to admire the views around and take some fresh air. If you are in a hurry, you can’t stop often. It would be great if you have a second drive who can take the car for some time while you are having rest. Solo travelers need coffee and estimate their time and efforts.

Central Curves


  1. Keep alert and respect the rules of the road

What rules? Of course, you may think that driving in the mountains or in the rural area is simple. You are driving on a deserted road and don’t have to watch it at all! You don’t care about distance, traffic signs, surface, and lights. Remember, that uphill road is more dangerous. Your distraction causes drifting, crashes, stalling. Watch the turns, and respect the rules of the road even nobody can see you.

  1. Low speed before downhills

Don’t forget to low the speed before the downhills. This is how you take care of your car engine and control the speed. Make sure that you lower the gear before you started to go down because switching gears when the car is going down at a high speed is dangerous.

  1. Watch temperature marker

It is important to watch the control panel of your car. Watch the engine temperature and try to keep it in the acceptable level. If it goes up, stop the car and let your car engine to cool down.

  1. Don’t forget to use headlights

When the weather is good, you don’t actually need to turn on the headlights. But when it becomes dark, snowy, foggy, windy, you need them badly to make your car visible on the road. Even if the road seems to be desert, turn on the headlights and make your trip safe. Of course, never forget to check if the headlights work well before you take the car for rent.

Wrong turn


  1. Pan your trip beforehand

That’s so great if you could rent a modernly equipped car, full of GPS, navigators, sensors. This is a chance you will never lose your way. Also, it is great if you have a modern smartphone with mess of useful application on it. What is more, it can’t hurt to draw your way on the map, to mark all possible stops, patrol stations, hotels, coffee shops and small restaurants. If you are not sure whether you missed the turn or not, check it twice and stay safe.

Do you need a map?

Do you think you need a map? You already have a smartphone with GPS apps, and a navigator in the car. Whatever article you read, the travelers advise to buy a simple paper map and keep it in your car only as a protective measure. Why? In case your phone stops working in the rural area, you can check your route on the map. Also, you can build up a new route in case you are on a difficult path. Whenever you go, it is important to know your car limits and watch the road!

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