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Preparing Yourself for a Long Cycling Event

Cycling has so many benefits. There is the obvious health benefits that you receive when you spend tie riding your bike on a regular basis Yes you will have some aches and pains when you begin and saddle soreness is a constant issue for concern, but mostly you will get the chance to ride long hours and build muscle in places that you likely have forgotten.

Cycling is both a strengthening and an aerobic exercise. Your lower body muscles from your calves to your buttocks will get shaped and tones allowing you to walk, run and carry thing much more easily. Cycling also raises your heart rate for an extended period of time cause your heart and entire circulatory system to get stronger. Your digestive and immune systems will also gain strength making you healthier.

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Participating in a long cycling event can be great fun if you are prepared for it. Here are some of the things you should do to prepare for a long cycling event. Here are

Get a Checkup

Before you engage in any type of exercise you should get a full checkup and when you look to take a long ride you should make sure that you are in top shape. Long rides place lots of strain on the body and require your body to be constantly stressed. Have your doctor deliver a complete physical and if you find any issues get them dealt with before you take the ride. Of course if any of these issues preclude you from taking the ride simply don’t do it.

Take Shorter Rides to Build Up Your Stamina

The key to staying on the bike for long rides is stamina and you need to build your up before you do your long ride. If you goal is a 200 mile ride consider taking 25 mile rides a few times a week and then building up to 50 mile rides. The week after try 100 miles a few times and when you feel good after a few weeks of this move up to 200 miles. You should definitely have taken a few 300 mile rides as practice so you are not surprised by the grind of this type of ride.

Get Your Bike Serviced

Perhaps the most important thing you can be to prepare for a long cycling event is to make sure that your bicycle is in perfect working order. It may look perfect but many problems are impossible to see with the naked eye and anything that is even slight could develop into a major problem on the road during a long bike ride.

You should go to a bike pro shop and have them check the tires, brakes and pedal mechanism. Have them make sure that your seat and handlebars are on tight and in terms of the seat, if you do not have one that is comfortable for long rides replace the one you currently have with one that will not get you sore on long distances

If you feel faint along the way stop and rest as long as you need and remember that this is about having fun not competing.

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