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Several Applications to Buy Medicines Online in India

The outline of the on-demand model and Uber is altering every business. The drift has now even protracted to scopes like medical with applications for making doctor schedules and getting other medical facilities.

Today, you can buy your drugs online through apps and websites which do not need you to remain at large lines at the medical shops. You can easily upload an image of your drug prescription using a smartphone camera and receive all medicines shipped right to your door.

The innovative online medicine buying apps are even proffering attractive offers to gather big customer centers. A medical data predictor firm claims over 60 online drug stores are working in the Indian market and involved in the distribution of medications through apps and websites.

Individuals also like the detail that they do not have to attend the local shop and can procure their tablets sitting on their sofa. The medicine ordering app similarly has other aids which we will discover below.

Best Medicine Ordering Applications

Here are some popular choices.


It is an important term in the area of doctor meeting reviews and booking. Recently the business opened its online medicine application across 100 Indian states in such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Lucknow, and Gurgaon.


The 1mg application lets you purchase the drug online and also get related data regarding your medicine. You can see about side effects, dosage and other particulars about your drugs through the application.


It is a medicine ordering application, operated by Dadha Business which is working in India as 1914. This online pharmacy allows you to buy from any place in the globe while distributions are completed to places in India just.


This app allows you buy goods of different types such as surgical products, medicines, mother, orthopedic care, and hospital equipment, baby care, medical devices, protein complements, capability products, and much more.


It is the top medicine ordering application in Egypt. The application allows users to pursuit of a huge record of medicines and similarly suggests precise spellings to build the search simple. You can similarly upload an image of your written medicine and have specialists decode the written and settle the instruction to find the drugs brought true to your house.

Myra Medicines

This Bengaluru-based startup business delivers drugs within 30 minutes and gives up to 40% off on all-out products. Now, they are toiling in some parts in Bangalore and Mumbai from 9 am to 11 pm.


It is a great healthcare application, developed and designed to offer complete medical and healthcare services to everybody. Accompanied by the customer-friendly interface, HeyCare promises you the best facilities including usefulness structures like order drugs and OTC goods online, book analytical lab trial online, pill reminder, set vaccination and upload the medical prescription.


It is the online network to a foremost OTC and all-purpose stores, MedPlus.

Began in 2006, it is one of the believed pharmacy links in India alongside above 1500 supplies in 7 states. It offers genuine drugs, great value for prices, and superior facilities to the users.


Medicine buying applications have resulted in a benefit to India. This commercial is undergoing a good income margin any more after offering deducts to users. The person also favors the detail that they are able to order the drugs and gain it delivered rapidly to their home.

Developing a medicine buying application is the covert of attainment for any drugstore at this time. You can similarly characterize the record of top position online drugstores by expanding your individual medicine ordering application.

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