September 15, 2019

Stay in Nature: 4 Family-Friendly Campsites in the USA

Traveling in the US by car is a real pleasure, whether it’s the western or eastern part of the country. When traveling in this way, staying in hotels is not very convenient, because the journey may not take place along central routes, making finding suitable accommodation difficult. Thus, campgrounds will perfectly suit the needs of travelers.

Camping is an equipped site for car travelers with parking places and toilets, as well as places to set up tents or light houses. Campgrounds can be public – on the territory of state parks, and private ones. Therefore, the cost of stay in them may be different, besides the final price will vary depending on whether you live in your trailer or in a tent.

Here are some great campgrounds in the US for those who are not used to traveling the common routes. Of course, you’ll need a roomy car, and AVR will be an excellent choice, since it has the largest selection of vans among all the suppliers.

Alafia River, Florida


Opening time: all year round

Number of camping spaces: 120

Camping in Alafia River is known for its off-road bike trails, which are considered to be the best in all of Florida. Due to the fact that once the extraction of phosphates was carried out there, the earth became loose, and the height differences in some areas reach several tens of meters. The campsite is located in the public sector, which is guarded by the National Park Service.

After all, Alafia River campsite is not only a place for the fans of two-wheeled friends and speed, but a place where a huge number of beautiful and rare animals live. The lakes scattered around the perimeter of the park offer their guests great opportunities for fishing and canoeing.

As for fishing, you need to get a special permit, which will indicate how much fish per person can be caught. Also, near the campsite there are picnic areas, a playground, as well as a stable where you can try horse-riding. The campsite offers a full-fledged campground, but space is also provided for trailers.

Address: 14326 Co Rd 39, Lithia, FL


Mather Campground, Arizona

Hole-in-the-Wall Backcountry Campground

Opening time: all year round

Number of camping spaces: 320

This is one of the most popular campgrounds in the Grand Canyon. It works all year round and is managed by the National Park Service. In order to spend the night on the territory, you need to get permission from the authorities. For this, you need to send your request by fax or registered mail. Sometimes you’ll have to wait the answer for a long time, so if you want to relax at this campsite, plan everything in advance.

You can even come there with pets. The fire is allowed in specially equipped places and only for adults. You need to buy a firewood tree, since you cannot pick up anything on the ground – otherwise you will be fined. Shower and laundry are charged separately – they are located near the campsite.

The cost of living in the campsite is $15 per family and $30 per group. For this price you can put a car with a trailer or a house on wheels, as well as not more than three tents.

Many people may say that there are too many difficulties in order to just spend the night there. However, this is not just some kind of park, but one of the best National Parks in the world, where you have access.

Address: Havasupai St, Grand Canyon Village, AZ


Camp Buffalo Bill, Wyoming

Campsite in the valley

Opening time: seasonal

Number of camping spaces: 99

This campsite is located in Yellowstone National Park next to the reservoir, which in combination with the mountains creates an amazing picture. It’s divided into two parts – North Fork (62 seats) and North Shore (37 seats), which should be reserved in advance – you cannot come there and just put the car in the parking lot.

As in other places, you can take a tent or spend the night in your trailer. In any case, you are attached to the table, a place for grilling and a toilet. Showers and laundry facilities are nearby. Please note that there are always ‘Bear-proof’ boxes near the table. All food that may cause bears’ interest should only be stored there.

There are a lot of animals in the park. Sometimes campgrounds are closed if animals show increased interest in them.

If you want to make a fire – you need to buy firewood. It’s forbidden to bring them with you, but it’s allowed to collect all dry branches and fallen trees that are lying on the ground. For a group of people staying for the night will cost $ 50, if you are alone – $30.

Address: 870 N Fork Hwy, Cody, WY 


Beaver Trail, Michigan

campsite at Chisos Basin

Opening time: all year round

Number of camping spaces: 28

This small campsite is located near Clear Lake in northeastern Michigan. This is a great place for a family holiday, as there is entertainment for both adults and children.

Here you can go fishing, snowmobiling, swimming in the lake, playing volleyball, boating, picnics and off-road racing. Children are offered a special area with swings and slides.

Since this camp is private, the prices are a bit higher there. However, the selection of amenities is impressive – a toilet and shower are designed for each space, so you shouldn’t wait for your turn. The amount that the family will have to pay for the rest is $60, to which the cost for using water and toilet will be added.

Address: 4408 Grass Lake Rd, West Branch, MI

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