August 18, 2019

Ten Peculiar Features of a Road Trip


Traveling by car is always freedom of movement, almost unlimited amount of luggage and, what is important, the ability to change the route at any time. It is not surprising that more and more people choose this method of moving on vacation. Rules of the road is the main postulate for drivers. These rules should be followed by every car owner. In this article, we will describe the unspoken rules of conduct at the wheel that every driver must know. Most of these rules are taught in auto school, but it will be useful to recollect them once more. It will be beneficial for you when you drive a car, for example, which was rent at Easirent FLL.


  1. Work out in advance the situation on the road

This is one of the most important rules, which would let you feel more confidently on the driver’s seat. Try to pre-select the speed and length of the movement, so that it would be necessary to change the way a minimum number of times.

  1. Parking behind the large cars

This rule is often forgotten even by experienced drivers. You should not park the car strictly behind a large vehicle (for example, a truck). The truck driver simply may not notice your car, which is parked behind, or even involuntarily hit your car. Try not to park the car behind such vehicles. However, if there is no other place, it is better to leave the car in such a manner, that the driver could notice it.


  1. Puddles are enemies

Puddles on the surface of asphalt is a source of increased danger. In addition to the effect of gliding, they can conceal other dangers, such as pit, stone or an open slot. Drive through the puddles carefully, and if possible, completely go around them.


  1. Blind spots

When moving to the left row, always try to additionally turn your head over the left shoulder. Thus, you protect yourself from a situation, when the car is in the “blind spot”. Also, do not forget that when you are planning to outdistance the car, for example, on a country road, for your own safety, just honk, let the other driver know about your intentions.

only the blind spot mirror in focus


  1. Main road could be not always the main

The phrase is strange, but it is true. The example is simple. Very often, traveling around the country or going on vacation, you drive through small villages. Remember that local drivers may simply disregard the signs and appear in front of your car. Even if you are driving by the rules, always slow down and drive through unfamiliar intersections carefully.


  1. Parked cars could pose a hazard

Try to pass cars, which are parked on the roadway, in the distance. Moreover, this distance should be no less than the width of the open door. This way you can avoid damage to your own car or a possible injury of a person, who accidentally fell out of a car.


  1. Braking in winter

In addition to observing the increased distance during snow or ice, you should also monitor the cars behind you. Indeed, many drivers postpone the change of the tires to the latest date. Excess reserve of free space in the front can give the opportunity to stop and go behind the car without the risk of breaking your bumper. By the way, it is always better to look in the rear window when braking.


  1. Turn signals

Try to develop a habit in any, not even a significant change in the trajectory, to switch on the appropriate direction indicator. This is vital and it will show your skill.


  1. Full headlights

In addition to the emergency light signal, full headlights are used to “communicate” with other road users. If you see that someone briefly blinked behind you, it means that you are being asked to give way. If you want to give way to someone, the short-term switching on of the main beam will give a signal to the driver that you allow him/her to make a maneuver.


  • Emergency alarm

If for any reason you cannot continue driving, always turn on the emergency alarm light. By the way, emergency lights can and should be used to warn other road users about the dangerous situation on the road – it will reduce traffic and you will help avoid a major accident. In addition, the polite drivers use this signal to apologize on the road to the other driver for the occasional inconvenience caused to him.

What should be put to your car for unforeseen circumstances?

  • Two nylon towing cable in the form of a wide belt (1 long and 1 standard).
  • Booster belts and generator belts+ keys for their replacement. You know and be able to change them yourself.
  • Spare wheel, repair kit and the ability to use it.
  • Compressor, jack, warning triangle, flashlight and spare batteries for it.
  • Bulbs, which should be installed in the car.
  • Standard first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • First aid kit for yourself with the set that you personally need.
  • In winter, a set of warm clothes, mittens on fur, warm boots, a blowtorch, 10l canister of gasoline, a small metal bucket, a watering can for refilling the blowtorch, matches, lighter.
  • A small folding shovel.
  • Oilcloth, water and soap (soap can cover the hole in the tank if there is a hole in it).


Any trip requires a lot from the driver: attentiveness, quick response, alertness and observation. Preparing a car and yourself for such a trip, following the advice and responsibly observing traffic rules, you can drive safely and have a wonderful trip.




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