May 22, 2019

TOP Things You DON’T NEED When Traveling But Definitely BUY Anyway!

You can find many articles for travelers with packing advices. They are good, indeed. Also, you can find a lot of helpful advices about where to go this weekend, what to see, how to get to that place, and what kind of transport is good for your particular trip. Traveling through Canada, pay attention to Sixt car rental in Canada. These cars are the best in price and well-equipped for a long Canadian trip. You know, renting a car is even easier than packing! So, internet can teach you how to pack. This article is going to teach you what things you should leave at home as they are absolutely useless or you can easily buy them on the way.




Money Belt

Are you surprised? It is said that money belts are the most important things for all travelers. They keep your money and documents save. So, you read about this useful piece of gear, and buy it lightly. You put on this money belt under your shirt and start your trip. How do you feel now? Believe it or not, just one day is enough to throw it away. WHY? The belt is big and really uncomfortable. It is really difficult to wear it at a hot weather. Also, you feel awkward when you have to undress up to the underwear to pay in the shop or restaurant.

It is better to put your money in the pocket or wallet. Be careful. If you have to use public transport or travel to the country where the crimes often come, you should pick the most comfortable money belt.

Sleep bag

There are many travelers who used to pack their sleep bag whenever they go. If you are going to sleep in the hotel or hostel, you don’t need it at all. As a rule, the sleep bag takes much space in your backpack and there is no guarantee you will need to unpack it.

Just try to book a room in a good hostel. How can you know which hostel is good? You may use online resources, friendly advices. Believe it or not, it is possible to find a good clean hostel for cheap. Check touristic feedbacks first.

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Special travel clothes

Everybody knows that there is a kind of gear specially developed for travelers. The costume will cost you about $100 or even more. But it you don’t look good on it. What is the problem? This piece of clothes makes you look like a traveler. You become a juicy pie for sneaks and cheaters. Just be simple. You should travel in a comfortable look that you really like. If you don’t wear it at home you shouldn’t wear that costume for traveling.

You are wrong if you think that you need to change your look for traveling extremely. Just put on what you usually wear at home and make it more comfortable if needed. Think of where you are going. Traveling to hot countries you’d better wear something light and natural. Don’t forget about shoes. You can be attractive and look stylish even when traveling.

Mess of medications

All of you want to be ready to the road incidents. It can be everything, headache, scratches, broken leg, or high temperature. You try to take as many pills and mixtures as you can: ibuprofen, paracetamol, Imodium, antibacterial preparations. Everyone adds to the list many different points. Should we?

The most of these pills you will never need during your trip. What is more, you can buy everything you need in the local shops and pharmacies. When you feel bad, just drive your car to the nearest drug shop to buy something you really need. Honestly, a pack of antibacterial preparations, analgesic pills and Imodium are enough. Traveling with kids, you should leave more space for medications, of course.

Scotch Tape


Scotch Tape

There is one kind of gear that all people usually take for a trip. It’s a big roll of a scotch tape. Do you really need it? Surfing internet and looking for the useful information about packing, you can find a lot of advices about how much helpful the roll of scotch tape may be. Honestly, you may never need it. If you ask people about how they usually use a scotch tape on the go, they give you a long list of answers where they use a tape to repair shoes, backpacks, protect their sneakers from water, ect. Believe it or not, if you shoes needs to be repaired with the help of a scotch tape, it is better to buy a new pair.

Nevertheless, if you want to be ready for all road troubles, you may take a small roll of scotch and hide it somewhere into the backpack pocket.

Here is a piece of advice. Preparing for a trip you can take a lot of advices, read much information about what you need or need not. Don’t be blind in your choice. Try to pack only useful things that you can’t buy or replace on the go. Also, consider a country and way of traveling.

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