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Five Techniques To Be Outstanding In Physics

Physics is a subject that gives many students a nightmare! This is on the grounds that it incorporates numerous complex mathematical equations. However, it is a fascinating Science that has significantly contributed to helping us understand the world around us. Here, we have discussed five different ways to study Physics successfully and accomplish a decent outcome in exams.

Reinforce Your Maths Skills

Physics incorporates various mathematical elements into it. This infers it is easier to ace the subject in the event that one is proficient in Maths. Reviewing or studying Maths alongside Physics will help you enhance your knowledge and application of formulas and concepts.

Ace the Basics

Physics is a subject in which everything develops from a few central theories. It is, along these lines that the problems you will have to solve in the exam, will be based on these core concepts or a variation of these. Subsequently, rather than attempting to memorize complex problems, it is advisable to fully absorb the basic concepts and theories.

Use Drawings

A great way to implement the point above is through drawings or graphics. We have already discussed the benefits of Mind Maps, but drawings can also be essential to understand and study physics. Drawing diagrams of Van de Graff generator and other similar concepts will assist you with recollecting better and score great checks in the test.


Try to simplify the situation as much as possible. The Physics problem that you are trying to comprehend may seem difficult to solve at first, however, look again and start to break it down, and you will understand that it is simpler than you originally suspected. It is fundamental to remain calm and try to bring the problem to a situation which you are familiar with, by simplifying it in your mind.

Use Flashcards to Study

Taking note of new words, units of measure, general principles that arise will help you follow the thread of theory and strengthen the new information. This will have a positive consequence when faced with problem-solving. Formulas and laws such as Biot Savart law can be effectively studied this way.

Study the Derivation of Basic Equations

Make sure to take the time to understand how each equation work. Learning at this level gives you a much clearer understanding of the relationship between the equations and makes you a more versatile problems-solver. For example, acceleration is denoted by a simple equation as a change in distance/change in time. Acceleration is the force that causes an object’s velocity to change. If an object has an initial velocity of v0 at time t0 and a final velocity of v at time t, the object can be said to accelerate as it changes from v0 to v. Acceleration can’t be instantaneous — no matter how fast it occurs, there will be some time difference between when the object is travelling at its initial velocity and when it reaches its final velocity. Thus, a = (v – v0/t – t0) = Delta(v)/Delta(t). In the next section, let us discuss some score boosting strategies that you can make use of in exams.

Score Boosting Strategies

In this section, let us discuss some tips that you can employ in exams to boost your marks.

Using Correct Units

Using incorrect units or forgetting to label an answer can cost you a lot of marks. Make sure to label your answer with correct units to get full credits. Some of the most commonly used units in Physics are as follows:

  • Velocity: meters/second
  • Power: Watt
  • Acceleration: meters/second
  • Energy: Joules

Double Check Answers

Physics problems involve a dozen of mathematical calculations. Hence, it is important to pay attention while you solve problems. Therefore, make time to cross-check your solutions to avoid losing marks.

While in Class

Read the topic before class

It is better not to come across a topic in class for the first time. Try reading the upcoming chapters at home the day before it is covered in class. Do not fixate on the precise mathematics of topic.

Review your notes

Once you get back home, take some time to go over your notes. By doing this, you will better be able to retain the concepts taught in class. Make sure you practise solving problems. Today, you will find plenty of problems online that you can make use of to better score in exams.

These were the five techniques that are assisting many Physics students at all levels. However, each student has their way to learn and assimilate knowledge, so we recommend you try different techniques to discover which one best suits you.

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