September 20, 2020

What questions should I ask about health insurance?

Do you know the average premium for the UK and US private health insurance is £1,435 per year?

Moreover, half (53%) of the Europe population admitted they would pay for private healthcare treatment.

And similarly, 13% of US consumers claim to belong to the Private Medical Insurance scheme.

When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, the majority of us get overwhelmed and confused with what to look in an insurance policy.

Having health insurance is essential for several reasons:

  • People having no insurance receive less medical care with minimal time.
  • It results in worse health outcomes.
  • Not only has this, but lack of insurance burdened the families too.

The high-end facilities from hospitals and clinics have improved access to care but do not fully substitute for health insurance.

Now, if you are convinced enough and want to go for a health insurance policy; we will tell you some of the questions you should ask before you settle for one. Have a look.

What is the limit of your health coverage?

Remember, there are various health insurance plans available for different needs. You need to know the limit of your health coverage provided by the insurance company.

Now see, what your basic health plan is consisting of. It mostly encompasses charges of accident treatment, surgery, ambulance charges, maternity care, etc.

How much expense do you need for Medical Care?

Always find out all kinds of packages especially the premium one too and then decide what you would have to pay. Also, consider some other details like some plans ask you to pay an amount in advance before the start of the policy. If you are OK with it, go ahead. Similarly, you should know about the percentage of expenses that you need to pay. Is it worth it or not?

Does the Plan Include My Current Doctors?

When you select a health insurance plan, it is your right to know if there are any restrictions on choosing your preferred clinics or doctors.

Would you be allowed to include your current doctors in the provided plan or not. Ask for a catalog of the hospitals and doctors that are covered in your plan.

What are the Extra-added services in this plan?

You need to know if your health insurance plan offers any extra-added special service and benefits like dental-care, eye routine checkup, skincare treatment, etc. that you may require.

Does the plan cover Routine Examinations?

You should ask beforehand whether or not your health plan covers routine check-ups like blood tests, mammograms, city scans, etc. If you are feasible with having it separately or not, totally up to you.

Before getting admitted do I need to call Doctor or inform about my plan?

Some plans instruct the patients to contact their doctor after being admitted. If they don’t inform on the first day, the expenses won’t be covered as per plan. It’s not in every case, but it happens.

As per,

‘Government surveys show that about 90% of the population has health insurance coverage, largely preserving gains from President Barack Obama’s years.’

What are the major exceptional conditions?

Majority health insurance policies don’t cover healthcare expenses if you or your family members suffer from a chronic condition. It’s better to get information regarding this fact before-hand. Ask all the pre-existing conditions clearly before signing any document. Otherwise, you may have to bear the consequences.

How to avail health insurance policy when away from home?

It is important to know that if you need medical help while traveling, how much of the expenses the plan will cover. If not at all, then think again before signing the contract.

What Is the Renewal period?

As per UShealth Group, generally, people invest in health insurance to prevent consequences and health care expenditures in the old age. So, if your chosen healthcare insurance policy gets terminated before that period, there is no use of purchasing it. Don’t go for that.

How does the Insurance Company deal with Claim Disputes?

Every insurance plan has a specific code of conduct for appealing against the denied claims. So, always enquire before about this before the approximate time taken by the company for resolving disputes over claims.

Before you settle the contract, go through all the clauses carefully and reconsider the terms and conditions. If it is not as per your expectations, you can take the help of advisors in the field to search and compare different health insurance plans online.

Final Words

Remember one thing; plans are always changing. So, always reevaluate your needs and look into new options every other year.

Hopefully, all the questions mentioned above will set you on the right track in choosing the best healthcare plan for you and your family. Feel free to go for it and secure your future.

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