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How to Prepare for a Long Bike Race

Cycling has risen in popularity in recent years and when considering the benefits of it, this is thoroughly unsurprising. Cycling is a rewarding exercise that lets you cover a lot of ground, meaning you often get to explore the countryside. It is not too intense though while still being a good workout that will build up your core and your stamina.

If you are planning on going on a long bike ride, then you need to be prepared as once you are on the road, it is difficult to get anything. This list goes through the various things you need to do before your long bike ride.


One of the first things you must do is go on shorter rides and prepare yourself, both mentally and physically. Bike rides can be very enjoyable, but they can equally be physically exhausting and mentally jarring. You must absolutely not just go for a long bike ride without having practised cycling as this could be very dangerous.

You do not need to practise extensively or intensely. It should suffice to go on a few hour-long bike rides in the same sort of terrain as you plan on going on for you long ride. This should give you enough time to get used to the bike and cycling for a long time and is the chance to check whether you have any potential problems like chafing or an uncomfortable seat.

Relax and rest

The night before you go, make sure to relax in the evening. Watch a film or a show, have dinner with family or friends or read a book. If you are a gambler, it can be a lot of fun to place an accumulator the night before over the course of the next day. Try betting on Findbettingsites.co.uk who offer coverage of the leading cycling races and competitions. Not checking your bet as it goes along is a different experience and you might even have a lot of money waiting for you at the end of your ride!

The reason you want to relax is so that you can have a long and calming sleep. You want to be alert and ready the next day, not groggy and sleepy so go to bed at a reasonable time to make sure you are in the best possible conditions for your long bike ride.

Check your bike

Before going off on a very long bike ride, you need to make sure that your bike is in very good working order. Although you should be able to tell if there are any major problems on your smaller bike rides, that will not be enough to completely check your bike. There may be smaller issues that you do not notice but that could have serious negative effects.

You can do this at home if you feel comfortable doing it and it is not extremely complicated, but it is also not easy. If you do not feel comfortable doing it, take your bike into a pro shop and ask them to give it a check-up. They will do things like tighten your handlebars if they are too loose and it should not be too expensive.


Now that you are used to taking bike rides and you are certain that your bicycle is in an acceptable condition for your day of riding, you need to plan for your day. Start off by trying to draw up a general route. Do not over plan your route but rather have a general destination you want to arrive at with a loose time attached to it. This will mean you can still explore or take paths that tickle your fancy but still have a general itinerary to follow.

The night before you go, make sure to pack your bag as well or just make sure you have everything you might need. Of course, you will need a bottle of water or an energy drink to keep you hydrated. Although either are fine, some prefer to go for just water as it is healthier and already a very useful drink.

You need to make sure that your phone is fully charged in case there are any problems on your journey. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have some sort of map with you, even if it is on your phone. Small snacks such as bananas are a good idea, and if you are taking your lunch with you, then obviously you will need to prepare that too.


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