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Hernia Mesh Implant | How to Know it has Failed?

For decades, hernias have been repaired through mesh, however, increasing cases of hernia mesh failures have been emerging in recent years, leading to numerous hernia mesh lawsuits.

A hernia mesh implant failure can be due to multiple reasons, but it is mostly because of defective mesh material or design. This can lead to the breaking down, eroding, or migration of mesh into organs, causing severe pain and requiring corrective surgery.

Symptoms of hernia mesh failure

If you recently had a hernia mesh implant and want to know if it failed or not, then you should observe the following basic symptoms of hernia mesh implant failure.


Defective meshes present beside the abdominal wall might apply pressure on small intestines, colon, or stomach, creating gastrointestinal problems in patients, for instance being unable to pass stools or gas. Constipation can also activate other dangerous or painful problems, such as hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, rectal prolapse, fissures, or bloating.


If the implanted device shrank, disintegrated, or dislodged, then the skin at the surgical site may turn hot. It can also be due to some infection. In some patients, the burning appears abruptly and increases with time. While for others it could be temporary.


Sexual dysfunction might be experienced by some men after hernia mesh implants, especially if they had an inguinal hernia. It can be because the mesh created any irritation or inflammation, or a nerve may get entangled with the implanted mesh, causing the spermatic cord to malfunction.


Persistent nausea can be a serious symptom of hernia mesh implant failure. It can be because of the migration of mesh to the intestine creating a blockage or if an infection was created in the abdominal tissue because of mesh creating indigestion. Excessive nausea can also cause electrolyte imbalance or dehydration.


Pain, mostly abdominal pain, is the most commonly cited symptom of hernia mesh implant failure. It is normal to experience mild pain for some days after your hernia mesh implant but experiencing severe, chronic, or acute pain is not normal. Sometimes the device works fine at the start and malfunctions after many months or even years. So, you must be attentive to any abnormal pain after going through a hernia mesh implant surgery.


After recovering from a hernia mesh implant, you must not feel constant fatigue. Insufficient energy or constant fever can mean that your body didn’t accept the implanted device. Lethargy can be due to mesh inflammation or infection as well, because your body is tirelessly fighting it.

So, after confirming that your hernia mesh implant failed, what should be your next step? Who will be held responsible for the suffering and pain that you experienced? Who will pay for the medical expenses? The next thing you should be doing is filing a hernia mesh lawsuit.

What is a hernia mesh lawsuit?

These lawsuits claim that the implanted devices comprise defective designs. Moreover, a hernia mesh lawsuit sues manufacturers for being unable to properly warn the healthcare providers about the device failures and subsequent serious complications.

For filing a hernia mesh lawsuit, it is critical to find an experienced attorney first and foremost. The hired attorney must have many successful hernia mesh lawsuits on his/her record. Such an attorney can accelerate the process of receiving compensation from the responsible manufacturing company.

Now, before you go forward with filing a hernia mesh lawsuit find out some important details that you should know beforehand.

The manufacturer of hernia mesh implant device

You must identify the company that manufactured your implant device so you know who exactly to file your claim against.

Dates of hernia mesh surgeries

You must know when your hernia mesh and revision operations took place, who was your surgeon, and all the details about the hospital where your surgeries were conducted. It is always best that you acquire as much information as you can.

Eligibility for compensation claim

After hiring an experienced lawyer, you can discover with him/her if you qualify for a hernia mesh compensation claim. The criteria of eligibility can comprise restrictive deadlines and guidelines. Your residing location can also affect your lawful rights as well.

Beware of deadlines

There is a specific time amount provided for filing a legal compensation claim after the hernia mesh surgery so you must act quickly. These time constraints are known as statutes of limitations and are different in every state and for every situation.



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