May 28, 2020

2019 Backyard Landscaping Trends You’ll Love

Everybody obsesses over fixing up their front yard, adding extra stuff for their home, but it seems that there was no love for the back yard. Well, it seems people are changing, and backyard landscaping trends are on the rise in 2019. The backyard has so much potential for beauty and comfort that it’s a shame people don’t work hard to spruce it up a little. So, roll up your sleeves, get a cup of coffee, and check out the hottest landscaping trends in 2019.

Beautiful mosaic paths

The first item on our list is perhaps the simplest and most neglected – your little paths to heaven. Sure, asphalt and tiles are nice and all, but what will really make your home stand out are beautiful, intricate paths. These represent a very simple addition to your backyard that has outstanding visual appeal. By combining various shapes and elements into one thing, you get something unique, never before seen. You can make them yourself, or get a professional to do it according to your own design. And the best part is, if you maintain them properly, your mosaic paths are little pieces of artwork that can last forever.

A nice shed

When you construct a shed, you get an addition to your backyard that is both functional and (if you do the work) beautiful. The shed doesn’t just have to be an old rickety shack made from a couple of pieces of timber. Instead, you can work hard to make it an aesthetic addition to your backyard. The key point to take away here is the style of the shed.

Namely, houses are always made in a certain architectural style – Mediterranean, Georgian, Edwardian…too many to list out. So why not have your shed match the style your home is built? You will get an extra sense of harmony if its colour pallet matches the pallet of your home, or if they share the same style (and architect).

Go vertical

If you ever run out of space, or if you’re backyard simply isn’t as spacious as you would like, you can start a vertical garden. Namely, you use vertical space in order to grow whatever you want to grow. So, you can use a ladder or a large pole, and hung up some flower pots on there. The point here is to get plants that won’t interfere with each other, and to set things up so that it doesn’t wobble or move too much.

Mosaics of flowers

Why not create art with living things, like your flowers. Namely, by planting your flowers in a certain arrangement and system you can create a mosaic of colour through living things. Get flowers that are easy to grow and plant them in whatever way you want.

You can start by lignin out, with string and some sticks, a grid of, let’s say, 9 feet squared (however, you may need more re less room depending on what you want to plant, and depending on the size of your garden). Then, you can plant a different colour in each square for something really colourful, or perhaps a different colour for each row and make a flag.

Your little home away from home

How about setting up your patio to be a home away from home. Your house is always there, and no matter how beautiful and fun it is, you sometimes just need to leave. On the other hand, leaving isn’t always an option really. So why not set up your patio as getaway. Invest in it, make it your own little nook, your own little haven. The possibilities only depend on your imagination (and your budget).

For example, you can set it up to serve as a nice reading area, with good lamps and mosquito nets. Maybe you want to host house parties there, both in the daytime and during the night. Investing in it properly and getting added features will make you the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Getting a retractable pergola, like the ones from Aspect Shade, or a barbeque setup will really increase your backyard’s appeal.

Maybe you want to make it a little more private. You can get it set up to serve as a small, closed off guest house, perfect for any visiting family, or use it yourself just for a change of pace.


The backyard is the wild west, its free territory that you can change up and modify however you see fit, something that people have been steadily noticing for some time now. You can set up your patio to be a home away from home, a kind of break from everyday life. Or, you can try experimenting with your garden, mosaics, or both at the same time. The greatest limiting factor isn’t necessary the space you have, but rather, your imagination.

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