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Bucharest Fun Times for Bachelors | Get Your Heart Racing with These Thrilling Activities

First of all congratulations to the soon to be groom! And now a little introduction to Bucharest. Bucharest has become a major growing destination in Eastern Europe in the last decade. There are a few main reasons why so many young people choose to visit this particular country. First Bucharest is a city which has a special atmosphere because this is the place where the West and the East meet.

Bucharest has a long and interesting history, Romania is the birthplace of Count Dracula, it has delicious food and one of the most interesting streets. Bucharest has been really growing in the nightclub scene making it the number one place for a party in whole Eastern Europe. They host exquisite bachelor parties with an over the top reputation. Here is a list of exciting things you can do on your bachelor party!


If you’ve never been paintballing now is a perfect time. You’re with your guys and this is the perfect opportunity to recreate all those action movie moves. And because you’re celebrating a bachelor party a little booze before the game won’t do any harm.

Paintball is a really one of a kind experience. It’s messy, intense and extremely fun. You’ll get the chance to see how your close friends react in these kinds of situations, who will have their cool and how will rage out. But generally, it can be a real bonding experience.

You will also be able to see how stealthy you can get, if you know how to aim properly at someone, and if you get the nonverbal communication between your team. All in all, it will be a lot of running, shooting, mud and laughing.

Beer Bikes

This one can get absolutely hilarious. And is usually reserved for bachelors or bachelorettes. Which makes sense since people don’t usually do this kind of stuff on a regular day.

So a beer bike is like a moving bar you see. Your friends will be seated like in a bar and be served lots and lots of beer. A keg of 30 liters to be precise. What’s so good about renting a beer bike is that you will get to see some of Bucharest’s great landmarks while you’re drinking and enjoying yourself with your stag crew.

Some beer bikes offer entertainment like music, so you get all the benefits of a bar and get to see the town at the same time. If you’re brave enough, you can even do a little karaoke for your friends all of the innocent passers-by. But they won’t mind for sure.

Bubble Football

This game will by the end of it have you in tears of laughter. If you’re a big fan of football and love to play with the boys this will be absolutely perfect. But, there is a little twist to this game which makes it so funny.

Bubble football is just like regular football except you will be trapped in a giant plastic bubble filled with air. Bubble football is like football plus banger racing all in one. So your upper body meaning your arms, torso, and head will be all covered by the giant bubble. But that’s the fun part.

The rules to this game are similar to football but you will also get to push your opponents which will result in bouncing all around the field. You can roll and don’t even have to touch the ball to score a goal. It gets your adrenaline running can get intense and absolutely hilarious. The most important thing is that you and the guys will have the time of your lives screaming of laughter and will bring you together.


You have to admit that in one period of your life you were addicted to Super Mario Kart. Which is absolutely justifying. Mario is a great guy and playing a video game with your friends while snacking on some junk food and taking a sip of beer is a great way to relax and have fun.

But you can bring Mario Kart to life by going karting with your friends! This is real adrenaline filled experience. This is something you definitely don’t do every day and you will finally get the opportunity to show your friends who’re the real boss. Right? Just kidding, karting is a super fun experience.

There are many indoor and outdoor arenas in Bucharest, so you can choose whatever you prefer. The only thing left to do is to strap yourself and win that race!

Nightclubs and Strippers

Did you know that Bucharest has the biggest nightclub scene in the whole of Eastern Europe? It is The capital of parties. Bucharest really comes alive after dark, there are as many people during the day but with a little twist. The energy is shifted, there is adrenaline in the air, people want to loosen up, get drunk and party ‘till dawn!

The party in Bucharest starts around midnight, which doesn’t mean you can’t go to a bar a start your drinking party there. There are plenty of bars and pubs in the Old Town in Bucharest. You can warm up and then go to a nightclub with crazy electronic beats or treat yourself to a steamy night in a strip club.

The nightclubs there has a wide range of music in their repertoire – jazz, latino, pop music, techno, house, cabaret… As for the strip clubs, many of them offer special kind of private dances like strip poker shows and jacuzzi shows.

The entrance fee to nightclubs are usually free and the booze is super cheap. Especially if you order domestic brands of beer and wine. The Old Town is packed with clubs, it’s practically a whole street dedicated to nightlife. There are plenty of food joints there also. So if you get hungry after all that booze (and you will) no need to worry, because the food is just around the corner.

Final Words

Whatever activity you choose, or maybe you will do everything from this list, which will be absolutely awesome, the most important thing is to have fun. To make memories with your best of friends and all that while being drunk. Let’s face it you will get super drunk but you have your buddies to back you up so it won’t be a problem.

Taking a trip to Bucharest with your crew will be a lifetime experience. You will be in a   country which has super hospitable people, great landmarks and will get to do all this crazy stuff. Foreign country plus an exciting activity plus alcohol plus best friend equals a time you will never forget.

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