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Is It Safe To Repair Your Own Garage Door Spring?

If you are interested in repairing, fixing a garage door spring might sound tempting to you. This confidence is good but definitely not enough. Because repairing a garage door spring is a complicated process which requires a set of skills. So never assume it is going to be smooth sailing for a non-professional.

Following are the reasons why you should not undertake the repairing of a garage door spring if you are not an expert at it.

You will be exposed to injuries and accidents

A garage door is a heavy object. Its weight varies; depending on the material, but sometimes it can weigh around as much as 500 pounds. Naturally, the weight makes it tough for a non-professional to handle the door. That’s why injuries resulting from falling doors are widespread these days. This is one reason why you should not attempt to fix worn-out springs. Also, you cannot ignore the danger of falling from the ladder as well.

Other than that, a lack of knowledge about safety measures can cause you injuries. Few of the most common safety errors people commit are mentioned below.

  • Using screwdriver instead of a winding bar: This is one of the main reasons why so many finger injuries are caused while repairing garage door springs. It is very dangerous to use screwdriver because the spring can roll back and hurt you very badly. More often than not, people end up using screwdriver since they don’t have a winding bar available.
  • Overwinding and underwinding the torsion spring: Winding a torsion spring takes calculation, and only a professional can do that with perfection. Overwinding can result in breaking the spring in the winding process which might expose you to a severe injury. Similarly, underwinding the torsion spring is equally unsafe.

Your repairing will not be as reliable

Let’s suppose you have somehow managed to fix the spring and now the door is all set for the rough use. But, including you, nobody knows how reliable it is going to be. You will use the door but not without the feeling of heart in mouth. It can fall at any point, and you can put your vehicles and other belongings at stake. Once the door is off the spring, you never know how it will react.

The point is; without realizing you will worsen the problem for yourself. Repairing garage door spring is not an easy task. Before you begin to fix it, remember if anything goes wrong, you will only aggravate the problem. People don’t turn to garage door repair flower mound, TX for no reason, after all, professional help have its own set of benefits

You cannot diagnose the exact issue

In order to solve the malfunctioning of your spring, it is very important to identify the right problem in it. This is where most of Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts go wrong. They land upon the wrong diagnosis which, in turn, inspire them to take the wrong actions.

For example, sometimes springs need only winding, but you might exaggerate the problem and replace the torsion springs altogether. There are many such examples when springs can simply be repaired by making small changes, but people end up giving away several dollars.    

There is no guarantee of your own work

Generally, garage door companies come up with a guarantee which is not the case if you are responsible for the repairing. This guarantee is due for a certain time period. So if anything goes wrong during that duration, you will be offered free of cost services by the respective company.

It directly means that you will get quality services and save money in the long run. If you hire a technician, the average torsion spring can last for 5 to 7 years.

You don’t have the required tools

Being handy around the house does not mean you should poke your nose into everything concerned with repairing. Even if you have confidence in your repairing skills, the chances are that you would not have the required tools at your disposal. In order to tackle the spring with cautious, you need to have a variety of equipment. In the back of your mind you might consider buying these tools, but purchasing them is not recommended for two reasons:

  • These equipment are expensive and can sweep-away a huge proportion of your budget
  • Since these tools are not too common so you might not have enough experience to use them. With zero experience, the outcome is not difficult to predict

You lack knowledge  

There are various kinds of garage door springs available in the market. Among them, two of the most commonly used springs include torsion and extension springs. Naturally, their usage is different. At times, not having sufficient knowledge about them can make you buy the wrong type of spring.

The consequences of this blunder are far-reaching. It is because the installation of an inappropriate spring can damage not only the door but also the property. Apparently, the DIY process looks cheaper, but it can backfire quite miserably if you commit this grave mistake.

The point being, buying the right fit spring is not that simple. It takes a range of in-depth measurements before finalizing the suitable match. Without professional understanding, all your labour and capital will go down the drain. Needless to say, only an experienced person oozing with technical skills is qualified to do that.

You will end up wasting a lot of time

As an outsider, you will have to research a great deal to understand different methods and tricks before getting on with the repair thing. All this can take away your precious time, and you might have to put your important activities, with respect to the garage, at a standstill.


Undoubtedly, the above reasons make it crystal clear that repairing a garage door spring on your own is not safe at all. Besides, a garage door is considered as a valuable asset of the house. This fact emphasizes even more that it should be taken care of by skilled workers.

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