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7 Moving Mistakes to Avoid for a Smooth Transition to Your New Home

Moving to a new place is like having a fresh start. Yet, preparing to move is a different story. And most of the time, it is not fresh at all.

If you have experienced this, you might be doing something wrong that you are giving yourself a hard time. 

We will point out seven moving mistakes you need to avoid if you want that smooth transition: 

Not creating a moving checklist

A moving checklist allows you to write down the little details that you need to get done during your move. It helps a lot in making everything run smoothly.

Not having one is already a recipe for disaster. With so many things to get done, you will surely get overwhelmed and might forget some things. 

So, how do you create a moving checklist?

You need to start with a timeline, then indicate which room you need to start packing up first. It would be ideal to begin unpacking for rooms that will take the most time.

Incorporate this in your timeline, allotting more time for time-consuming tasks. 

You can be as straightforward or detailed here; the most important thing is getting things in order. 


No matter how exciting moving to a new place is, packing things up is not very fun. This is why we mostly end up procrastinating, and by the time we realize it, we only have too little time to pack things up. 

So, if you are a procrastinator, having a checklist on-hand will be very helpful. Also, try to avoid distractions. The best way to do this is to allot a time where you will only focus on packing. 

If you can call a friend, do so. It will make packing more fun and enjoyable, plus, you will get more things done. Just be sure to return the favor, though, and follow proper etiquettes so you might not lose friends. 

Not checking your moving company

If you’re hiring movers, it’s always important to do your research first. Don’t hire one just because a friend recommended it, it’s cheap, or you’ve seen an ad while scrolling through Facebook. 

According to Moving Pros Sydney Removalists, here are a few things you should do:

  • Know first what you’re looking for
  • List down your best options
  • Check reviews
  • Get free quotes

Once you have that information, it will be easier to figure out where you can get the most value for your money and go with that. 

Not getting an insurance

In moving companies, there is what you call valuation. It is a moving insurance where the moving company ensures to compensate for your belongings in case of loss or damage. 

Usually, this is something we tend to disregard, as it is an extra cost. But if you have precious items such as jewelry, paintings, and more, it is crucial. Most moving companies will offer you this already, but you can opt for a third-party option if you are not satisfied. 

Getting rid of things

Moving someplace else is one of the best opportunities to get rid of things you no longer need. Other than the fact that it will make things less overwhelming, you’ll also be paying the movers less since you have less stuff you need to get moving. 

Asking yourself critical decisions to know which is worth taking with you and which is not. Besides, there are other things you can do with the stuff you get rid of, like hosting a garage sale, donating, throwing them, or giving them away. 

Not transferring your utilities or forwarding your mail

Transferring your utilities and forwarding your mail are two of the most important things to do when moving. Moreso, if you do not want to spend your first day without water or electricity.

Yet, we only tend to focus on packing that we forget this. So, please take note of all the utilities you use and notify them.

Create a schedule of connection and disconnection, and update your address. If you do this, you will be lessening your stress by the time you reach your new home. 

Not preparing a survival kit

Your survival kit is your essentials. Meaning, they are the first things you’d need once you get to your new home.

Include your most valuable items, too, so you do not have to worry about movers damaging them. 

Pack these essentials in a separate box or suitcase. This way, when you get to your new home, you will not have to rummage through all your stuff to look for them.

Also, it gives you peace of mind during your travel. 


Sometimes, all you need is to start with a plan to stay organized and avoid being distracted. If you avoid the seven moving mistakes listed above, we guarantee a smooth moving experience that you can enjoy.

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