March 15, 2023

Top 10 Home Improvements to Plan for Springtime

The last weeks of winter are ideal for planning springtime home improvement projects. From replacing the gutters to sprucing up the garden shed, there are at least 10 projects you can start this March and get them finished by June.

When to replace the gutters?

You probably already know that gutters should be inspected and cleaned twice a year. The second time is before winter, as the first time is before summer. The reason for this are summer downpours that really test your gutters, as well as the city’s sewage system. If you notice rusty or loose sections of the gutters, then you should call a roofer to replace or repair them.

Check the windows before you open them

As pleasant scents start to spread in sprinting, we are tempted to open out windows right away and keep them open the entire day. However, the windows have suffered during winter, so they might have holes in insect screens.

Furthermore, the sealant around the window frame might have given way. Namely, rubber contracts in cold weather and expands when the weather is warm outside. The cycle leaves a devastating effect on the material, causing it to crack and allowing air inside the house.

The front façade

Since fall and winter saw a lot of precipitation (mainly rain and snow), your front façade has to be dirty as heck. In fact, the exterior walls of the house must all have muck on them from splashing raindrops and thawing snow.

You need to spruce up the façade of your home by picking up a pressure-washer and cleaning the walls that way. The garden hose can serve the purpose just fine; just be careful not to take down a section of the façade, as pressure-washing is not the same as rendering. 

Installing an architrave on the front door

An architrave might sound fancy but it’s a rather simple home renovation project. For starters, you can place an architrave on the front door to boost curb appeal a bit.

An architrave has the potential to turn any doorway into a statement piece. If you like the design, feel free to add apply it to other door frames inside the house.

Building a backyard tennis court

Speaking of statement pieces, every spring should have one home improvement that clearly stands out from the rest. This year, we recommend setting up a backyard tennis court.

The project is a DIY one but it’s not super-costly if that’s what you’re thinking. From glare-reducing tennis lights to choosing the appropriate surface, the whole project shouldn’t cost more than 20,000 dollars.

Getting water fixtures back into action

While the tennis court is being erected by professionals, you can take the time to spring into life (pun intended) all the water fixtures in your backyard.

You have probably disconnected the garden tap and covered the pool or the pond in late fall. After the temperatures outside are no longer subzero, it’s time to reinstall water fixtures.

Book the contractor in advance

Fair weather outside means that you’re not the only homeowner sprucing up their home. Construction workers and contractors are the busiest in springtime, so be sure to book their services in advance.

In fact, you can sit down with your contractor in December or January and make a plan for spring renovations and home improvement projects. This way, they will secure the materials and permissions in advance, so there will be no delays.

Deck out the deck

There is hardly a better home improvement for your backyard than a patio deck. Since most decks are made from wood, a skilled carpenter should have no trouble building one in a week or so.

However, regular maintenance is important, as winter takes its toll on all that wood. Take some wood polish and coat the deck every spring. If necessary, replace any broken r cracked board or balustrades.

Start early every year

As you already know, springtime lasts from March 21st to June 20th but you are certainly not going to embark on a home renovation project in the last week of June.

The key to getting everything done, from the gutters to the windows, is to start early. Ideally, you can start the project early on, in February, if the weather conditions allow it. 

Spruce up the garden shed

If there is one structure that is left to the mercy of harsh weather each year, then that’s the garden shed. That’s why the average garden shed lasts only a decade and a half.

However, you can prolong its lifespan by sprucing it up every spring. Usually, a can of paint and a couple of new nails are enough to keep the shed standing for another season of gardening tools storage.

With the arrival of spring, both nature and contractors leave winter hibernation. However, you needn’t wait for professionals to start cleaning and building, as many of the 10 home improvements listed above are DIY projects. Add some winter planning to the equation and you are bound to have a productive spring.

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