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Best Cadillac auto models of the USA presidents

When choosing a car, we all want to get a stylish, reliable, high quality, passable, and of course, safe car. In addition, we must choose a complete set, engine, transmission for the future car. You also need to remember about fashionable modern electronic technologies. Nevertheless, what is surprising is that, having even a huge amount of money, you are unlikely to buy a universal car that will fully meet your tastes and needs. However, there is a category of cars, which belong to a particular caste of the most multipurpose cars. We are talking about cars, created for the presidents. Many presidential cars have almost everything. Even the wine bars, refrigerators, media centers, special communications, special protection, and much more. Now we are going to describe five best Cadillac cars of the USA presidents. When travelling down the USA, you can use manual car rental NYC.

  1. Al Capone’s Cadillac

Franklin Roosevelt was a fan of convertibles, but with the entry of the USA into World War II, he urgently needed an armored car. Since there were no such cars for sale, at first it was necessary to use the confiscated Cadillac of Al Capone. The armored gangster limousine was steel plated with a thickness of 6 mm and was equipped with 25-mm-thick glass. However, it was soon replaced by a more secure Lincoln car.


  1. Cadillac DeVille

The US President George W. Bush had several limousines. Until recently, he traveled by manual assembly three seven-meter Cadillac DeVille, which weighs 8 tons. Inside the limo, there were 7 heated seats with vibration massage, retractable desk with a computer, audio and video, as well as means of communication, with the help of which it was possible to call the White House and the Pentagon from anywhere in the world. The cost of this presidential limousine was about 4 million dollars. By the way, the President of the United States pays $ 1 a year for the rental of each service vehicle.

  1. Cadillac DTS 2005

In early 2005, another limousine appeared in the Bush garage. It was the newest DTS 2005 Cadillac. Its design was made the same as that of the Cadillac DTS model of 2006 year, but at the same time, it was higher and longer. Armored Cadillac DTS 2005 with tinted bulletproof glass was made for Bush with a special strong frame and was equipped with the latest protection and communication systems. It even had an intercom for negotiations with the guards walking next to the car. This car comfortably accommodated six passengers. They were surrounded by high quality leather and precious wood trim, while the rear seat was equipped with a computer adaptation system, which automatically adjusted for each passenger.


  1. Cadillac One

The previous model of the President’s car was another armored Cadillac. In addition to all the necessary options for this class of vehicles, the car had a cache of blood, which was the same group and parameters as the last president had. Moreover, the machine had an oxygen cylinder in case of emergency. For safe night trips, the car was equipped with a high-quality military night vision device.

The gas tank was built in such a way that even if a projectile hits it directly, it would not detonate. In the cabin and the trunk of a limousine, breathing masks and first aid kits were stored. The thickness of the armor, weight, power and other important characteristics were kept secret, all what is known is that the length of the “Beast” (this is the way, the car was called) was 5.5 meters, and the height was about two meters. The ‘Cadillac One’ wheels had a Kevlar skeleton that eliminated the possibility of blowout and protected the tires from bullets. Satellite phone provided direct communication with the vice president and the Pentagon.


  1. Cadillac. The Beast 2.0

Cadillac made specifically for Donald Trump worth $ 1.5 million and it replaced the previous model made for Obama. By tradition, the presidential official car is nicknamed “The Beast” and must protect the first person of the state in case of an attack of small arms, chemical weapons, as well as grenades and mines. Trump’s Cadillac is probably the safest vehicle in the world.

The car was designed and tested by experts, taking into account the huge number of requirements for its characteristics. It was subjected to rigorous testing in order to make sure that the obtained characteristics correspond to the established functional inquiries. During the entire process of preparing the car, special attention was paid to ensure that all requirements related to passenger safety and confidentiality were met.

In the center of the back seat and on the upholstery of each door, there is an embroidered presidential coat of arms. The image of the presidential coat of arms is also on the outer part of the rear doors. On the right front wing, there is the flag of the United States. When the President himself is in the car, a presidential flag is set on the left front wing. In the dark, flags are illuminated with high-tech LED lights.

Why Cadillac?

The United States has been using Presidential cars for 80 years. Cadillac is the official US state car. The brand is manufactured by General Motors. The name for this new car company was suggested by Henry Leland. In his youth, he worked as an engineer at arms factories, and at the end of the XIX century, he founded a company that was engaged in the production of industrial engines, famous for their quality and reliability. The first car of this brand was made 1902. In the beginning of 1903, Cadillac car was shown at the New York Auto Show, where two thousand orders for this car were received immediately. Serial production of this model began in 1903. Formerly, the Cadillac line was based solely on American tastes. However, from now on, General Motors set a course for the transformation of this brand into a global brand, and, for the first time, under the Cadillac name, cars were sold not for the American market. This way, despite a hundred years behind the brand, the story of Cadillac has just begun.

Presidential cars in the United States are essential attribute of power. The described above cars are an example of high-quality cars for the head of state.


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