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Eight Best Travel Comfort Accessories For Long Trips

Travelling is such a fun thing. You get the chance to meet new people, explore different cultures, try various delicious dishes, and whatnot. But, at the same time, a traveling experience could turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t carry the right tools.

Even frequent travelers are likely to miss out on important accessories when it comes to long trips. So if you don’t want to learn by harsh experiences, be smart enough to pack the following things for your next long trip:

Inflatable neck pillow

Don’t assume that you are always going to get ideal seats in the flight. Long flights are quite likely to result in back and neck pain. This problem is particularly common with the people who have a nag for side sleeping.

Imagine you land on your destination with strain on your neck and back. Surely, you will not enjoy the trip at all and keep lurking around to comfort your body. In comes inflatable neck pillow.

It is designed in such a way that it comforts your cervical region. To an extent, it can even free you from the headache by helping you to maintain a natural posture. They also have an air pump so that you can fill and reduce air as you desire.

Wireless headphones

At times people plan a long trip in a minimum duration. So they have time to sleep only when they are on the flight. What if they miss out sleeping in these all-important hours? Well, you know the answer.

It can’t get more annoying when you badly want to sleep, but a baby keeps screaming right next to your seat, and you can’t do anything about it. Wireless earphones can save you from this embarrassment.

The moment you wear them, you will be cut-off from the world. Once the outside noise is blocked, you can fall asleep listening to the playlist of your favorite songs. By any mean, a seasoned traveler will never forget to slide wireless earphones into his bag.

Sleep mask

You can’t dictate the fellow passenger to stop watching a film if the screen light is making it hard for you to sleep. Even if he is nice enough to lend an ear to your request, oftentimes situations will be out of your hands. For example, you will have no answer to the light that keeps coming out of your window seat or hotel window.

Though you might be able to sleep anyways, the quality of sleep will be far from ideal. You will wake up not as fresh as you would have wanted. That’s where sleep mask makes the difference.

It is the best possible way to provide yourself perfect sleeping condition anywhere and at any given spot. Be it your hotel, tent, or any other place, you can utilize the eye mask wherever you wish.

Power bank

When travelers reach home, more often than not, the first thing they do is put their phone on charging. Because they run out of charging during the outing. Only those who go with a power bank return with some charging in the tank.

The charging of the majority of smartphones does not last more than a day or two and even less while traveling because the usage will go beyond the normal rate. It is always safe to pick a power bank which goes with the capacity of your mobile.

Foot hammock

A portable footrest is an essential travel accessory, especially if you are going to spend a good part of your trip in traveling. Sitting for long hours on the seat can lead to tremendous stress on your body. The issue is commonly reported in people with smaller heights.

You can deal with this problem just by hanging the footrest right in front of your seat and placing your feet inside it. While traveling around areas with declining temperatures like Valais of Switzerland, where blacknose sheep is found, your feet can feel cozy. That’s where foot hammock can come to your rescue.

Not only you will maintain a comfortable posture but it is also very handy for the blood circulation. There are a number of portable foot hammocks which are designed keeping the travelers in mind. Hence, lightweight and easy to carry.

Water purifier bottle

If you venture to travel the areas which are comparatively less developed, you should prepare yourself to confront some serious challenges. One of the standout concerns could be to find clean water. Regions like the Middle East, Africa, Central America, etc. will give you a tough time in this regard.

A water purifier bottle will give you clean water in a matter of seconds. All the contaminated factors like bacteria and viruses will be drained away in no time. The bottle typically contains half a liter of water. On top of that, it is a good move to save money on bottled water.


You can never be sure of the weather. Even if you have checked the weather forecast for your travel days, you should not discard the possibility of changes in it. For example, you will be caught in the middle of nowhere in a hot climate in the absence of sunglasses. In the rising temperature, it is a must-have accessory.

While cherrypicking sunglasses from your favorite brand, make sure they are durable and suit you. Also, heavy glasses are more likely to cause the headache so ensure they are lightweight.

Hiking boots

The biggest mistake people tend to make is that they go for whatever pair of shoes they have available with them. On your way, you might even notice some people hiking with their gym sneakers. That way, they are inviting injuries.

The level of fatigue is also minimized by using hiking boots and, what’s more, buying hiking boots is a worthwhile investment for your future trips. If you know how to pack smartly, it won’t occupy as much space.

The last verdict

There are people out there who went to their trips all enthusiastic, but they came back with a horrible experience. Not because the destinations were tough, but they went unprepared – not taking the right accessories. Would you like to add anything else in the above list? Do write to us in the comments below.

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