August 18, 2019

Five Things To Consider When Planning To Move To Dallas

Dallas is a city in the US state of Texas with an estimated population of 1,345,047. It is the 9th most populous city in the United States and the 3rd in the state of Texas, after Houston and San Antonio. As of 2017, the combined statistical area of Dallas is the seventh largest in the US.

If you are planning to move to Dallas, you are not alone. The city is among a handful of other booming cities in the United States where the population soars every year. The sheer number of people living in Dallas can be considered as a pro or a con, depending on your interests and perspective.

Planning to move to another city is not easy, and with so many options on the table, deciding on the place to live in the US can be a challenge. We have compiled this blog post to help you know what living in Dallas is like. If you have already decided to relocate to Dallas, here are a few things you need to consider before you make a move.

The cost of Housing

Housing is an important factor to consider when relocating to another city. Currently, the cost of housing in Dallas is going up with the median home value soaring up to $227,395 in the Fort Worth region. In the past year, the overall home values have increased by 12.3 percent and the trend is expected to continue this year as well.

Reports show that rent on a single bedroom apartment averages around $1,241 per month while rent for a two-bedroom apartment runs roughly $1,435. These prices pale in comparison to rental apartments in cities like New York, Boston, and Los Angeles.

The Dallas traffic

The Dallas roads and highways can be a real time sink. Hundreds of people are moving to Dallas every day, so the highways and freeways are always either under construction or expansion to meet the demand of so many people. This results in massive traffic, which is now a growing problem in Dallas. INRIX reports that Dallas ranked 28th for cities in the US with the most traffic, as of 2017. This is a significant improvement from the 2016 ranking of 16th.

When moving to Dallas, try to choose your destination closer to your work or college in order to avoid traffic. Make sure you are also aware of alternative routes so you can take them when the highways are congested.

The crime rate in Dallas

Data from NeighborhoodScout show higher crime rates for Dallas than other cities in Texas. The report shows that 7.67 city residents per 1,000 have experienced violent crime and 34.79 out of 1,000 are victims of property crimes. These numbers are well above the average rate for Texas, which stands at 4.34 and 27.6.

The job market of Dallas

The job growth in Dallas is steady with the median household income risen to $62,673. The metro saw the highest job growth rate in 2016-17 and this trend is expected to continue. From healthcare providers to carton sealing tap manufacturers, there are plenty of industries currently providing job opportunities in Dallas.

Weather in Dallas

The weather in Dallas can be a little unpredictable. Balancing Weather Unpredictability Indexes including temperature, severe weather occurrences, and precipitation, Dallas is noted to have Weather Unpredictability Index of 71. Rapid City, South Dakota has the highest WUI with 81, while Honolulu’s and Hawaii’s 30 are the lowest.

Knowing that the weather changes frequently, it is wise to dress in layers. Keep a jacket in your car and an umbrella if you don’t like getting wet. Restaurants and movie theatres can be particularly cold, so wearing a jacket, even in summers, is something you will see in Dallas.

Other things to keep in mind about the Dallas weather are:

Snow, Hail, and Ice Storms

Dallas only receives about 1.5 inches of snow every year, which lasts approximately a day or two. Dallas and the surrounding may also see one or two ice storms every year, normally lasting a day or so. Hail is another event you might face in Texas without much warning.

A windy city

You may feel a strong breeze or wind even in the hottest days of summer in Dallas. The city ranks 5th for windiest cities out of major cities included in the weather rankings. The list comprises metropolitan areas in the US with over 1 million residents in 2010, as per the US Census Bureau.

Have covered parking

The hail storms in Dallas can significantly damage your car; hence, it is to your advantage to have covered parking for your vehicle. Whether you buy a residence or rent an apartment, try to have some sort of haven for your vehicle. If you cannot find a safe covering, make sure you’ve got a great insurance plan.


These are just five important things to consider when moving to Dallas. Needless to say, there are many more things you need to keep in mind including the food, art and culture, the lakes and nature trails that the city offers.

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