August 18, 2019

TOP 10 Things You Should Do in Miami in Your Twenties

There is always much to do in a legendary Miami! Are you going there to soak up the sun or cheap delicacies? Tourists come to visit Florida in different reason. They like spending time on the beach, surfing, sitting in the beach bars and rooftop bars, clubbing. When you are young and adventurous you feel like everything is possible. Miami is a MUST VISIT spot for people at any age. Don’t worry about transportation. You can easily rent a car with Easirent Miami or even something cooler in your twenties. Rental companies are loyal to the young drivers and there are no fees and penalties if everything will be ok with your auto. So, where to go?

  1. Paly sports outside

Obviously, if you want to take care of your body, you should find a gym or a fitness studio in the city. Are you ready to overpay? Fitness entry takes much money. But why do you need to buy a season ticket? It is enough to go outside! You can go along the beach and find many invitations to play volleyball, basketball, beach football. You can see people running in the parks and streets in the morning. So, it is not a problem to stay active in Miami!

Beach Volleyball - Roof
  1. Visit local beaches

As a rule, locals don’t like to go to the beach in a hot season when it is full of tourists. But there is a place where all adventurer tourists used to visit. It’s about the South Beach. Here, you are in the focus of everyone’s attention. Beach parties, restaurants, cocktails, hotel pools are always overcrowded. You can spend funny time here with friends. If you want to spend time in quiet, you should to somewhere to the Crandon Park. This is a place you can feel like a lonely Robinson Crusoe.

  1. Rent a kart at Xtreme Park

Do you want to go back to your childhood again? You should visit this special place in north Broward. This is a place to go karting, diving boards, run, climb up the rope, and do everything you like the most to have an adrenaline burst.

  1. Go to Ocean Drive

Everyone knows, this is a MUST SEE place if you haven’t visited Miami before. Let your trip start from the Fifth Street and drive to the north. Why? You can start shopping here, stop for a drink and snack, see the legendary Sugar Factory. You can always find a restaurant to eat and meet interesting people.

Planet Hollywood - Myrtle Beach
  1. Go to Hollywood Beach

This beach is considered to be the most popular one in the South Florida. You can walk along the seaside. Traditionally, there are many beach bars, clubs, open cafes, where you can stop and refresh with a funny cocktail or soft ice cream.

  1. Take pictures at Wynwood Walls

Welcome to the legendary street where you can see many people walking here and there and watching painted walls. Yeah, you guess it right. This is a place of street art paintings. You can see the most unusual and impressive collection of street arts in the world. Also, you can visit an outdoor museum, get some snacks and drinks there.

  1. Relax at the pool party

Of course, you can go to the hotel pool for free. Also, there are many interesting pool parties all over the city. The rates are different, from $25-400 per person. The drinks and snacks are usually included into the ticket price. You can try Raleigh, Delano, National, Loews. Much fun and new friends are guaranteed.

Currimao fishing boats.Philippines.
  1. Snorkel in Florida Keys

This is a popular place to visit for snorkeling. It’s about an hour driving from Miami. And it offers the best snorkeling in the world. The beach and the water are clean. It is good for swimming, boating, snorkeling. You can take a guide or instructor with all necessary gear.

  1. Visit Mircrotheatre

You have a chance to feel like a real actor. But your theater is going to be a colorful container. Nevertheless, it’s a big pleasure to perform in a real Microtheater which you can find at the Espanol Downtown. You can attend in English or Spanish program, as you wish. It takes you about $5.

  1. Try Cuban sandwich

Traveling through Miami, there is so much different food to taste. How about sandwiches? There a recipe for special Cuban sandwich. You need Cuban bread, some ham, pork, mustard, and Swiss cheese. The sandwich is ready. Try to visit local cafes to taste more delicacies, like cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, and others.

How about drinking? Walking for half an hour at the beach needs something to drink and refresh. You should visit bright beach cafes and ask for some fresh fruits and a portion of milkshake. Have a long walk in the evening, you can try one of many tasty cocktails, made of fresh fruits and alcohol.

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