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Pros and cons of self-inclusive travelling by car

Most of us are looking forward to vacations, when the whole family can go on holiday to another city or country. There are several options for tourist trips, including travelling by car. It could be a rent car, for example, which you can rent in AVR Los Angeles.

Those, who have their own means of transport, repeatedly think of going somewhere by car, while not depending on anyone. Is such a trip profitable and how many risks can we expect from it? Before you make your choice in favor of traveling by car, it is worth considering all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of tourism.

Self-inclusive road travelling advantages:

  • The indisputable advantage of it is complete freedom. This means that if you see something interesting on your way or if you learn about an unusual place, you can easily make some changes in your schedule or linger a little.
  • The relatively low cost of the trip. The main item of expense is gasoline and accommodation. Moreover, if you are traveling in the warm season, you can live in summerhouses with a small rent or even in a tent in the open air.
  • Such trips are often more informative and contact. When you spend more time in places, which are interesting for you, you can come into closer contact with them, as well as with the people who live there or are also there as tourists. Group tours usually have a very high pace; tourists depend on the guide and on the working hours of various institutions. How can you feel the energy of the place in such a hurry?

Moreover, when you are not in a hurry, nothing prevents you from shooting the best scenes.

  • You can go to the store or to the pharmacy at any time for purchasing everything, you need. When traveling by train or by bus, this opportunity is unlikely to be presented.
  • You can always take any number of luggage with you, which could be limited only by the carrying capacity of the car. In this case, it is not necessary to worry that the baggage exceeds the allowable weight.
  • Traveling by car is much more comfortable, since there are no outsiders that will interfere. It is easier to relax and enjoy the scenery outside the window, when travelling by car. It is also much easier to relax, when you are in the circle of your relatives.
  • Relative saving of time, as travelling by car is always faster than by train or bus.


Self-inclusive road travelling disadvantages:

  • Driving a car is always associated with a certain risk. Firstly, you can get into an accident (and not necessarily by your fault). Secondly, fraudsters and criminals are always operating on the roads. Third, there is a risk of meeting with the traffic police.
  • Such a journey is exhausting the driver. It is especially difficult to withstand the long distance for the driver, who is constantly strung up, as he or she needs to follow the road. The driver bears a huge responsibility for the safety of passengers. Even if there are two drivers in the car, it is difficult to ensure proper rest for each of them. In addition, when traveling by car, it is not always possible to visit the WC if necessary, as they are rarely found on long highways.
  • When travelling in your own car, there is always a chance that it will go out of operation at the most unexpected moment, because it is a very complex mechanism. You can lose a lot of time and effort until you wait for help, as it is difficult to solve these problems personally.
  • When spending the night you will need to look for the safest place to park your car. It is best to drive it to the parking lot, but if it is located far from the place of residence, this will create a lot of inconvenience during the trip. Moreover, parking lots’ fee is usually high and the number of hijackers is very high as well.
  • Element of surprise. On such a trip, the likelihood that something will go wrong is always higher than on an organized tour. For example, you will not be able to find a place to sleep overnight. The more freedom there is in actions, the more difficulties one can face. Only people with balanced nerves feel comfortable on durable car trips. If you are anxiety-prone, painfully react to minor household problems, constantly expect the worst, you should better not travel by car.
  • All responsibility is on you. If in the usual tour all your problems will be resolved by your guide or another representative of the travel agency, then during the independent travel by car you will be personally responsible for everything.

A few recommendations:

  • Do not go on a trip if you are not confident in yourself or in your car.
  • It is desirable to have two drivers. They will be able to replace each other and relax from the road.
  • Stay in a good mood.
  • You should better not leave in bad weather.


Traveling is great experience! If you have your own car, then vast horizons are opening up for you. At the very least, you can explore your own country and, perhaps, neighboring countries.

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